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Dr. Shawn Caldwell

Dr. Shawn Caldwell grew up in Arvada, Colorado. After graduating from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Caldwell began practicing chiropractic in 1988.

Since he started practicing, Dr. Caldwell has worked on a wide variety of patients from everyday people to amateur athletes to professional athletes to Heisman trophy winners and Olympic Gold Medallists. Dr. Caldwell also treats patients of all ages - his youngest patient ever was only one day old; his oldest patient - 103 years old!

Whatever the age, profession or walk-of-life, Dr. Caldwell's main emphasis is the individual and their health. and that means you.

Dr. Caldwell enjoys playing golf and tennis and is married with four children.
Dr. Shawn Caldwell - Chiropractic in Wheat Ridge, CO

Organization Affiliations:

Colorado Rockies
Team Chiropractor
Colorado Rockies
Major League Baseball
1999 - present
Team Chiropractor Denver Broncos
National Football League
2004 - present
Team Chiropractor Denver Nuggets
National Basketball Association
Denver Sports Recovery
Denver Sports Reovery
2012 - present
Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society
Pro Baseball Chiropractic Society
1999 - present
Steadman Hawkins
Steadman Hawkins
Orthopedic Clinic
2006 - present
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines
Adjunct Instructor
2002 - present
Pro Football Chiropratic
Pro Football Chiropractic Society
2004 - present
synergy Racing
Synergy Racing
(24 Hours at Daytona)
2001 - 2009
Bandimere Speedway
Bandimere Speedway
2002 - present

Provider of:

Denver Sports Recovery
Active Release Techniques
Stretch to Win
Steadman Hawkins
Prolete Therapy

2012 Colorado Sports Chiropractor Of The Year
2009 Guide to America's Top Chiropractors Magazine
2007 American Registry of Outstanding Professionals
2006 Strathmore's Who's Who
1987 Life Chiropractic College - Clinical Excellence Award
1987 Outstanding Young Men of America

Life Chiropractic College
Marietta, Georgia
Graduate cum Laude (1988)
President Thompson Technique Club
(1986 - 1988)

Stuckey Integrated Methods, Adjusting Technique Book, Co-Author, 1990 Muscle Media, April 2003, Running - How To Make The Best of It

Dr. Michael Hill

Dr. Hill was born in Lakewood, Colorado. He attended Lakewood High School and then the University of Wyoming on a football scholarship. While playing football at Wyoming, Dr. Hill sustained a spinal injury that did not respond to traditional forms of care and was introduced to chiropractic care. Impressed with his response to care, he changed majors from engineering to pre-med. He attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, where he was valedictorian.

Dr. Hill has practiced since 1989 in varying clinical settings in the Denver area before joining Dr. Caldwell. Dr. Hill has been married since 1990 to his high school sweetheart, and has three adopted children from China. He and his wife will soon be traveling back to China to adopt their fourth child.

Dr. Hill has obtained certification in chiropractic spinal trauma and chiropractic clinical neurology. Dr. Hill is certified in ART Active Release Technique and is currently specializing in soft tissue management of upper and lower extremity problems as well as issues involving the spine.

Provider of:

Active Release Techniques

Dr. McMahon

Dr. McMahon grew up in Wisconsin where he attended the University of Wisconsin Madison getting a B.S. degree in Biology. Joe got his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at Logan University in St. Louis where he also graduated with a Master's in Sports Injury and Rehabilitation. While at Logan University, he worked extensively with athletes on the University of Missouri Tigers athletic teams, along with Lindenwood University and Missouri Baptist athletic programs. He also had the opportunity to work on paraplegic athletes of the US Olympic wheel chair rugby team.

Dr. McMahon is Active Release Technique (ART) and Class IV therapeutic laser certified. He currently works at Caldwell Chiropractic Center and Denver Sports Recovery, as well as on Friday nights with the Faith Christian football medical staff. In his free time Dr. McMahon enjoys being in the mountains hiking 14ers, camping, or on the slopes of the ski resorts.

Provider of:

Active Release Techniques

Dr. Kessler

Originally from Longwood, Florida Dr. Kessler is a Board Certified Chiropractor with a Doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. Dr. Kessler is a dedicated and versatile Chiropractic healthcare provider with extensive experience with prevention, care and rehabilitation of injury.

Dr. Kessler attended undergrad at the University of Kentucky where he earned a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science. While at the University of Kentucky, Dr. Kessler was a scholarship punter and active member of the Football team where he garnished a bowl ring with a win in the 2007 Music City Bowl Championship. It was at Kentucky Dr. Kessler learned the importance of whole body health and wellness.

Dr. Kessler utilizes adjusting techniques such as Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, SOT, Egoscue Method and specializes in extremity adjusting. Soft tissue techniques include Active Release Technique (ART), Myofascial Release (MFR), Peripheral Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF). In addition to Chiropractic care, Dr. Kessler serves as a Neurological Specialist with an emphasis on cognitive function and concussion impact testing.

When not at work Dr. Kessler enjoys Golf, Fishing, Camping and Kayaking.
Dr. Kessler is a devout Christian and member of the fellowship of Christian athletes.


Active Release Technique (ART)
Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)