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Chiropractic and Children - Children Suffer Too

When should I take my child to a Doctor of Chiropractic?

WHEN you want your child to have all the benefits of a conservative, drugless approach to health care.

Your child's first visit to the Doctor of Chiropractic can be a pleasant experience, one without painful injections and procedures, but with plenty of nurturing. A Doctor of Chiropractic should examine your child during that all-important first year of life when spinal trauma can occur during birth as well as from tumbles while learning to sit up or walk. Improper lifting and carrying of your child can also contribute to spinal stress. Your child's spine grows almost 50% in length during that first year (the equivalent of a six-footer growing to nine feet in just 12 months!) It's this kind of tremendous growth and developmental changes which make a complete chiropractic examination so important in the early stages of your child's life.
Children Chiropractic - Chiropractic in Wheat Ridge, CO

How effective is chiropractic care for children?

Doctors of Chiropractic have been providing safe and effective care or children for nearly 100 years. There are several published studies conducted by researchers in Germany, Australia, Denmark and the United States which confirm the effectiveness of chiropractic for a variety of childhood illnesses. This body of scientific evidence is growing every day.

What if my child has a health problem that doesn't respond to chiropractic care?

Do all Doctors of Chiropractic care for children? How do I choose?

What if my child has a high fever, severe pain or other serious medical problem?

Who is really responsible for the health of my children?

What is chiropractic?

How safe is chiropractic for my child?


Is the education of a Doctor of Chiropractic on par with a medical physician?

Courtesy of The International Chiropractic Association "Parents Guide to Chiropractic"